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Highly Developed to be Highly Effective

Tractura® Back Pain Relief device is designed to relieve back pain through non-surgical spinal decompression when at home or on the go. Tractura® requires only a single user to operate and provides portable, non-powered traction to the back while stretching and lengthening the muscles surrounding the source of pain.

Designed by a doctor for his own back pain, the device became very popular among his friends and family. When he realized he could bring relief to so many others, Tractura® was born. Tractura® was further developed with the collaboration of surgical spine experts, physical therapists, and individuals suffering from various back pain issues.

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Traction and Decompression

Tractura® Back Pain Relief device opens the space between the vertebrae which allows nutrients, oxygen and moisture back into the discs. After an intense workout or a long day at work.

Tractura® is unique in that it uses your own body to provide traction and decompression—anywhere, anytime. Consistent usage of Tractura® for fifteen minutes a day provides a steady flow of nutrients to the affected discs and strengthens your lower back muscles.  

Tractura - Post Straps & Belt Front - Is
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